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Job Interview Skills - Edinburgh and Glasgow
Redundancy - Job Interview Skills - Glasgow and Edinburgh

So, how can we coach you to get ready for the job interview starting line? Whether you have been made redundant, are facing redundancy, are looking to change jobs or are looking for your first job, we can help you with professional and cost effective Job Interview Skills.

How can we prepare you for the job interview questions and ensure you offer up interview answers that make a powerful and memorable impression in the interview?

Here is what we offer, to ensure your Job Interview Skills are first class.

1-1 Coaching in Job Interview Skills (face-to-face) -  for Individuals

Just you and the coach for an intensive 4 hour session in Job Interview Skills and interview techniques.

The session takes place in Edinburgh or Glasgow at a time that suits both you and the coach.

Sessions are held Monday to Friday, starting at 10am.

Before the session, we'll send you some information to think about, particularly the important areas of values, transferable skills and strengths and weaknesses.

Typically, during the session, we will explore together:

  • Avoiding the 10 most common interview mistakes
  • What to do before, during and after your interview
  • Identifying your values, transferable skills and strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding the interviewer's perspective (he/she doesn't just want your skills)
  • Key personality traits the interviewer will search for, continuously
  • Dress, body language and behaviour, interview language, and overcoming interview nerves
  • Learning from the sales arena
  • How to make a personal statement with impact, especially the response to 'Tell me about yourself'
  • Making a memorable first impression
  • Answering questions competently and comfortably
  • Handling competency-based interview questions
  • 12 interview questions you'll likely be asked, and other tough ones
  • Questions you must ask at your interview and those you must not ask
  • First job and graduate interviews, and the telephone interview, where appropriate
  • Interview tests
  • Leaving a memorable impression on your interviewer
  • Interview tips and reminders

And we'll put it all into practice via role play activities.

Then we'll give you a comprehensive  and practical workbook of key reminders to take away with you.

After the session..... no, we won't say 'bye-bye'. We'll be here to support you in the following weeks wherever we can.

We'll expand on the above points when you call or email us.

 Corporate CV and Job Interview Skills Package - for Companies

Our Corporate CV and Job Interview Skills Package is tailored to the individual requirements of the organisation.

Key details of our Corporate CV and Job Interview Skills Package:
  • Day 1 - a comprehensive CV Writing Workshop
  • Day 2 - a comprehensive Job Interview Skills Workshop
  • Maximum of 12 persons per session
  • Led by a highly experienced and skilled practitioner
  • Comprehensive Workbook/Aide Memoire to take away for further embedding of key points
  • Held in premises provided by the employer

Please call or email us for further information.

We haven't mentioned CVs so far, so it's best now to have a look at our CV Writing page.

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Did You Know:

Interviewers decide to accept or reject a candidate within the first 3 to 4 minutes of an interview and spend the rest of the interview seeking evidence to support their first impression.